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Why They Love Mason Grove Farm


I'm a fussy girl, allergies, and a nurse. I hate a lot of weird scents too but this product, Mason Grove Farm's Lavender Goat Milk Soap is beuno, top notch!!

Susan Thorne, ER Nurse

I have had gut issues for the last year. A clear colonoscopy, no answers from docs. Just told that's how my body will be and to try elimination diets to see if there are triggers. (Ummm...no...this girl lives on carbs). I gave the Collagen+ a try. Used it for a month (4-5 times a week in a smoothie). I haven't had belly issues except when I ran out! #onescoopwonder

Melissa Yeckel Kirkbride


Kinsey Rose
Singer/Songwriter & Finalist on TheVoice

I was a tired mama drinking a pot of coffee a day! I now have energy, clarity and definitely feel the mood support aspect of this product! To top it off it's replaced, the majority, of my endless supply of supplements and powders into one convenient scoop. I am a Collagen+ lifer.

Sarah McMullen

The Collagen from Mason Grove has by far been the best for my body. I can feel the difference not only in my joint health, in my digestive health, but also in my skin and nails along with my energy! This has been a game changer! Cannot recommend this enough!

Amanda Day Testimonial
Amanda Day

"Amazing results after only 24 hours of using the Body Balm. One child listened to her momma and used the stick...the other fell asleep before remembering."

Leisa Reinarts

My MGF Collagen+ experience. I had heard some talk about collagen, but I knew little about it and it’s potential benefits. Struggling with the aches and pains I associated with turning 50 and trying to stay as healthy as possible during Covid, I was having a girls heart to heart with my friend Sharon about what she does. She introduced me to MGF collagen and sent me all the info. it was important to me to have something that was all natural, not full of artificial this and that or fillers containing heavy metals. MGF Collagen+ checked those boxes so in early summer I decided to give it a try. When I first started, I would wake up unable to close my fingers into a fist or tie my shoes without pain. this is the most noticeable change for me no more swollen/achy joints!Added bonus benefits I’ve noticed; decreased hunger and sugar cravings, a more regular bathroom schedule, renewed hair growth, and while I didn’t have lots of wrinkles before my skin is definitely healthier! Also I’m not sure if it’s real or imagined, but I feel as though my mood is overall more peaceful I guess when you feel better, you feel better! My collagen routine; first thing when I wake up I mix one scoop of collagen with about 3 ounce of pineapple juice and chug down, then rinse the cup with just a bit of filtered water to get the rest of the good stuff from the sides and drink that. finally, I take the cup fill it with water and make my morning tea (fresh ginger lemon and honey) that’s it I find I’m not hungry till lunch and have even lost 10 pounds with no other changes! I hope this helps someone questioning whether they should try this collagen.  

Michele Head Moran