You can email our customer service rep at thebarn@masongrovefarm.com or call/text (615) 571-1458 with your order number and the reason for the return and we will get you taken care of!

Since our products are all natural, melting can occur. Since we don’t add any preservatives it is perfectly safe for you to place your products in the refrigerator until they have the chance to solidify again! Doing this will not alter the products in any way so they are still perfectly fine to use and see the benefits!

For our best and most current deals make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter and following our social media channels! You can also refer to the brand partner who introduced you to us!

Orders cannot be changed after they have been processed, but we understand that mistakes can happen! If something has changed about your order, reach out to us at thebarn@masongrovefarm.com or by calling/texting (615) 571-1458 ASAP so we can catch it before it ships!

Right after submitting your order, you should receive an email confirmation that we got it. We’ll also keep you updated on when your order ships and provide a tracking number. If you don’t get a confirmation email, reach out to us at thebarn@masongrovefarm.com for help!

Absolutely! We would love to have you as a member of our family! If you aren’t already ordering through a brand partner, please email thebarn@masongrovefarm.com and we can get your information to one of our team leaders to get you all the info and any questions answered you may have!

Brand Partners

Commission is run by the 10th of each month for the previous month and will be paid out no later than the 15th of each month depending on your bank. Fast start commission will be paid out weekly and is paid out every Friday.

Double check with your customer that they placed their order on your replicated site and allow 24 hours to see it appear in your back office. If you still don’t see it, email thebarn@masongrovefarm.com or call/text (615) 571-1458 and have the order number ready so we can make sure it is under your account with us!

You can find these documents in your back office under the Business Tools tab!

Make sure you are subscribed to our monthly newsletter and follow our social channels! You can also refer to the brand partner that you connected with upon joining!

Friend of the Farm Subscriptions

Please email thebarn@masongrovefarm.com and we can send you a password reset link as well as verify that the email entered is correct!

You can modify products and recurring dates as well as cancel or suspend your subscription by logging into your Friends & Save account on our Login page.


YES! Our manufacturer uses a third party testing company to double and triple check our Collagen. The shark cartilage used in the product is sourced in the USA. It is Prop 65 compliant which entails extensive testing and can be sold in California.

Our Collagen+ includes L-Theanine, which is an amino acid that is primarily found is green tea and some types of mushrooms. It is said to help ease stress, worry and reduce insomnia. Our proprietary collagen blend also contains naturally occurring amino acids. 


Tracking numbers are emailed when your order is shipped. If you can not find it, reach out the thebarn@masongrovefarm.com

Please reach out to thebarn@masongrovefarm.com with your order number and we will get your replacement sent immediately.

Sometimes our packages go through some rough travel. Let us know what happened via thebarn@masongrovefarm.com, so we can get your new product on the way.

Comp Plan

Each month you have customer orders, personal orders,  and Friends and Save orders, (PV) you will be paid commission the following month.  Here are the commission rates:

$1 to $1499 = 25%

$1500 to $1999= 30%

$2000 and above 35%

These enhanced commission rates are paid on all sales for the month which include retail orders, your personal orders, and “Friends of the Farm” orders.

You will receive a 25% discount on your personal orders.  

An active leg is a leg with at least on active (100 PV) Brand Partner in that leg.The active Brand Partner does not need to be on the sponsor’s Level 1.

When a Brand Partner (A) sponsors a new Brand Partner (B) , they are on their (A’s) level 1.When that Brand Partner (B) sponsors a new Brand Partner (C) , they are on the first Brand Partner’s (A’s) level 2, and so on.

When a Brand Partner ranks up to Aspen, a downline Aspen and their team become a Generation 1 to the upline Aspen.The downline Aspen does not necessarily need to be on their Level 1.A Generation 1 Aspen in a leg is the first Aspen downline to the upline Aspen with no other Aspen (or higher) in between.

The rank advancement bonus is paid when a Brand Partner is paid-as a new rank for the first time and maintains it the following month for each rank except Mason.For the Mason rank, the bonus is paid the first month they are paid-as Mason.

This is a plan that works best when the Brand Partner builds wide (lots of personally sponsoring building new legs) and then inspires others to do the same.It pays out for sponsoring and promoting leaders.

During a new Brand Partners first 90 days, each time they sponsor two Brand Partners (with 300 Pv each) and two customers (with 100 PV each), they earn a $100 bonus.They can earn up to $300 in bonuses by doing this three times during their first 90 days.

For the sponsor of the new Brand Partner, they can earn a $150 Mentor bonus each time one of their newly sponsored Brand Partners earns the $300 Fast Start bonuses.

OV is calculated at 75% of the price paid by customers and “Friends of the Farm” orders.For example, $100 customer order = $75 OV.$100 product order, is $90 for Friends of the Farm, which is $67.50 OV.

For Brand Partner orders,an order of $100 in products,the BP discount is $25, they pay $75, which is $75 OV.

Brand Affiliate Program

A social media influencer who is approved by the Barn Team after filling out a request form on https://-----------------------------.Once the form is received, the Barn Team will review their social media pages to determine if the influencer matches Mason Grove Farm values and ethical business practices.Once that approval is given, the influencer will be enrolled as a Brand Affiliate sponsored by the first Brand Partner they indicate as their referrer on the form.

An influencer on social media and/or a blogger who has followers and who consistently shares content and has a presence on multiple platforms.Fore example, an influencer who shares children’s clothing, or recipes, or home makeovers, for example might be a good fit.Their followers will also love Mason Grove Farm products.

Yes, at their 15% discount.If they choose to order one of the enrollment kits at the price of $100, $300, or $700, they should email thebarn@masongrovefarm.com to complete the order.

The Brand Affiliate earns 15% on all orders that are placed using the link to their replicated Mason Grove Farm website which will be paid monthly.

The sponsoring Brand Partner will receive OV(Organizational Volume) for the sales the Brand Affiliate acquires. The OV will count toward the Brand Partners paid-as rank qualifications.

No, because they are not officially a Brand Partner.

Yes, if the Brand Affiliate creates OV for a downline Aspen or above, the upline Aspen or above will be paid the generation bonus percentage on the OV the Brand Affiliate produces.

None at this time, however, this is a new program which is subject to change.

Currently, there are no minimum sales requirements for this program.

This program is a new program which is subject to change.  

No, this is a sales-only rank.

If they choose to become a Brand Partner, they must upgrade by purchasing an enrollment kit and paying the monthly website costs and then build a team and participate in the compensation plan.

This would require special approval by Mason Grove Farm and be decided on in a case-by-case basis.If the other company offers similar products, it may be a conflict of interest.If the other company offers collagen, for example.

We'd love to hear from you. Let us know if you have any questions.

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