4 reasons why you should choose clean skin care products

 When we created our skincare line, we wanted to prove that clean and pure could be affordable and effective. We also set out to change the narrative around "natural"; which is why we opt for "clean and pure" to describe our product line. "Natural" has become a term that is often used as more of a buzzword in marketing than a solid truth.  When we say clean and pure, we mean it!

In skin care, "clean and pure" means products that are paraben-free, made with all-organic ingredients, and/or contain no unnecessary chemicals, synthetic fragrances, fillers, or additives.

Here are our top four reasons to opt for clean skin care products:

1. Avoid Harmful Chemicals

If you have sensitive skin or allergies, pay special attention to whether synthetic fragrances are included on an item’s ingredients list. Often listed as “parfum,” synthetic fragrances can contain mixtures of various chemicals. Though you may love the sweet scent, more than 95 percent of the chemicals used in synthetic fragrances are derived from petrochemicals and include benzene derivatives (a known carcinogen), aldehydes, and other toxins that have been linked to cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders, and allergies. Some of these chemicals are even listed on the EPA’s hazardous waste list. If you’re unsure about the source of a fragrance, it’s a good idea to double check on the company’s website (look for scents that are “derived from 100% natural ingredients.”) 

For an indulgent and therapeutic facial cream, try our  Blue Dream Night Cream, which uses a blend of calming oils and butters to keep skin hydrated and refined while you sleep.  


2. Sidestep Parabens

Parabens—preservatives that prevent bacteria from growing in products—can be found in about 85 percent of cosmetics. Scary, right? These chemicals can easily penetrate the skin and wreak havoc on hormone function, male reproductive functions, and even expedite aging. Probably not what you had in mind when you bought your anti-aging cream! Avoid these common paraben types when purchasing personal care items: butylparaben, methylparaben, and propylparaben. As an alternative, we use natural perservatives such as oils, plant- based extracts, salt, sugar and vinegar instead of parabens.


3. Gentler on Skin

If a chemical is forbidden for use in other household and consumer goods, why on earth would you want to put it on your skin?! Using natural products are a great way to help prevent premature skin aging, dryness and redness from harsh chemicals, and even chronic disease from toxins. View a full list of dangerous chemical compounds to avoid on SafeCosmetics.org.

Choose products with nourishing natural ingredients, such as Blue Tansy, Tallow, pure essential oils and butters, which provide protection, hydration and can help increase skin’s elasticity. We love our Hydration Body Balm made with Blue Tansy  and Beeswax.


4. Better for the Environment

The toxins and chemicals in your makeup and skin care items can have unintended consequences on the planet. Any time you wash your face or take a shower, imagine that contaminated water being released into our water source and flowing into lakes, rivers, and streams. Choosing products without these dangerous additives are better for not just your skin and overall health, but the environment, as well.

We take great pride that all of our skin care products are free of phthalates, parabens, and chemicals.


Our Product Commitment: 

We believe that what you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body. Mason Grove Farm is committed to “clean & pure” as the foundation of all our skincare line. All of our products are formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Mineral Oil & Petrolatum, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Releasing Preservatives, Triclosan, Fragrance, Gluten, Silicone, and Dimethicone.

We pride ourselves on bringing to market pure, quality, cruelty-free, and effective skincare offerings.


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