The Ultimate Wellness Product

The Ultimate Wellness Product



Unflavored & Berry Collagen+


Over the years, I have collected a very impressive collection of wellness products. As a mama on the go, I wanted to be the healthiest I could be for my kiddos, but often found that the systems I purchased were so extensive, complicated and often times fell short. After talking to other women, I found that they too were feeling similar frustrations. When I sat down to form our wellness category, my desire was to remedy these frustrations with a simple, one scoop product, filled to the brim with solid ingredients that would out perform industry standards.

Our collagen + goes beyond the industry standards! This powerhouse product includes types I, II, III, IV & V, 11g of protein, full vitamin B-complex, probiotics, enzymes, mushroom adaptogens, and specific herbs to help balance your body from the inside out! Ingredients are known to help assist the body in gut health, brain & mood, stress, hormones, skin & hair, inflammation, energy, and detoxification! All of these benefits with just one scoop a day.



Loaded with a perfect blend of ingredients, our Proprietary Ingredients will help manage gut health, brain & mood, stress, hormones, skin & hair, inflammation, energy, and detoxification.  Our collagen+ is neutral in flavor and can be added into your favorite smoothie, coffee or beverage of choice. We use natural ingredients without maskers or preservatives to bring you the most benefits. Every taste is different so we encourage you to find the best mix to suit your taste & lifestyle goals. 

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